a dull and witless boy.

" No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality."

I like film, books, poetry, lyrical music, odd things, art and a lot of other things that make me no different than any other 23 year old on this site.

I have a real job that pays too well, a partner who I adore, mental health problems and a penchant for strange things that no one else finds interesting.



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Oh and fuck everyone, it’s called “homegrown” and yes it does have multiple meanings, and yes I am a smug pretentious prick when it comes to these things.

im going to bed now, but in case anyone thinks my job is ever simple, here are two of the notes I received on my spec, from the same company, from the same group of people:

  • Please tone down the casual drug references: drug use, drug slang, etc try and remove as much as possible without harming story.
  • Scenes of explicit drug use will endear the film to the demographic; insider drug culture terms also give the film authenticity which is essential for millennial teens/twenties can you increase these elements?

so get rid of them but add more? sureee.

I thought you were a lesbian?

Me? [gestures, surprised] God no. I played in the minor leagues, but I never went pro.

[Matt nods, Jennifer dries her hair]

Jennifer: (cont’d)
I could never find anyone who’d sponsor me for full membership anyway.


There problem with that, is neither my terrible half-pitch, or my written-in-a-bi-polar-daze screenplay. Their problem is they don’t believe a 19 year old would revere Beck’s Mellow Gold, as my screenplay suggests.

Well they can fuck off, because I revered it at 19. I would make a girl listen to it. Screw these people and their over emphasis on the present pop culture.

It’s about a guy who comes home from college and can’t get a job so he starts a grow-op in his wealthy parents basement and then he meets a cute girl and indie film things happen, you know? Like they ride bikes in the dark and stuff. Indie film stuff.

My spur of the moment pitches are getting worse

Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now) - Cracker

Cracker - Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)

Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) - Cracker

And I don’t know what the world may want
But your long sweet body lying next to mine
Could certainly
Raise my spirits

‘Cause what the world needs now
Is a new Frank Sinatra
So I can get you in bed

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This is why the ship works. It’s one out of respect, and recognition of each other’s needs. Scully constantly fears that she isn’t wanted or needed, but Mulder considers it his duty to let her know her worth. And when he’s self - destructive, and self-loathing, she reminds him of his humanity and good qualities. It’s a relationship of mutual respect and caring for each other
And you can see from the smile that even his little utterance showing that he needs her is appreciated. And it’s what keeps them together

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I’ve been doing some research…in real life, there is no algebra.

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Ok my sister has Herpetic Eczema, which is a skin disease that’s also attacking her immune system, and she’s constantly tired and in pain. If anyone of you 5,000+ people have any experience with this, please talk to me. I keep reading things like “fatal”, “lifelong damage” and “organ failure” and fucking up. Please talk to me if you know anything about this.

Thank you.

my cab driver legit went back to his work for his break in the middle of taking me.

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