Where have you been?
Hospital. Both of them.

What the fuck was going on when you left?
Dissasociative state. Honestly, I thought it was 2006/2008 and I was confused and upset by everything (who are these new people? Why doesn't this person like me? Who the hell are you? Why are you messaging me? Where has my hair gone? Where is my stepdad? Am I still gonna get beaten up nightly? I don't wanna go back to school...) and it became very heavy, very fast. Unfortunately while I don't remember it, I have seen the evidence of my behaviour and although upsetting, I can't disagree with anyones decision based on it.

Are you out?
Supervised heavily, but sort of.

Did you really shave your head?
Yeaaah... Not the best idea I've ever had.

Did you change your URL?
Yep, now using bruiseatlas.

You gonna say sorry to me?
If you want an apology, contact me. Otherwise no. I am not contacting anyone myself, as things got weird towards the end because of the high stress, and me thinking it was 2008 and all sorts of things turning upside down at the same time. Too many ships sank too long ago for me to feel like trawling for survivors.

God you're annoying. What was that ships thing?

No seriously, what was the point of that?
Go to my new URL or go away.