a dull and witless boy.

" No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality."

I like film, books, poetry, lyrical music, odd things, art and a lot of other things that make me no different than any other 23 year old on this site.

I have a real job that pays too well, a partner who I adore, mental health problems and a penchant for strange things that no one else finds interesting.



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What’s wrong with the pirctures above?

if you said “everything I can think of…” then you know more than social services, who have deemed the above property, the house where my step-dad lives with my younger brother which my mother co-owns, completely fine. Apparently it’s ok to force a child to live in total squalor. It’s got an official sanction now!

Oh, and see that huge hole in the wall at the bottom? That was made when I was in a ball sheltering below as shit was thrown at me. The force of the objects broke the wall. Oh, and they mostly hit me. That was just a lucky break that one of the larger ones missed. 

So, basically what your looking at?

it’s all fine and officially deemed so. 


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    Well you don’t know this situation, I understand. This “situation” is however just a small part. Neglect does take place...

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