a dull and witless boy.

" No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality."

Callum. 23.
I like film, books, poetry, lyrical music, odd things, art and a lot of other things that make me no different than any other 23 year old on this site.

I have a real job that pays too well, a partner who I adore, mental health problems and a penchant for strange things that no one else finds interesting.



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Philosophy of the World - The Shaggs

The Shaggs - Philosophy of the World

Music You May Not Know #2:
The Philosophy Of The World - The Shaggs

Where do you begin with this “band”?

These girls never even wanted to form a band, but were forced into it by their father. Who had never let them listen to music in their lives. This is what music sounds like when you’re kept away from the world. This is what it sounds like when you have to invent music from scratch. Ridiculed in its day, the album was re-released in the early 1980s thanks largely to the efforts of members of the band NRBQ and widely praised. Frank Zappa referred to them as “better than the Beatles” and Kurt Cobain listed it regularly as one of his favorite albums. Basically, this is child abuse at its finest. 

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    Better than the Beatles, Frank Zappa says… I’m always willing to agree…..
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    The fat people want what the skinny people have. And the skinny people want what the fat people have. You can never...
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    The best bad band ever. They’re so bad, they’re kinda good. I feel awful for them, because they were basically forced to...
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    I fucking love the shaggs
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